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23 Nov 2016
There is a way to sell house fast cash Placida without involving a realtor and it is to deal directly with a buyer. The buyer that we’re talking about isn’t an individual buyer that you need locating with the help of online search or by listing your home on property listing sites. 

It is a very special buyer as it is a company and its business is to buy homes. This company buys homes from sellers like you and it avoids dealing with realtors but you can involve a realtor to deal with a company. In this case, you will lose your saving to the realtor. The company won’t charge commission for the service but the realtor will. You will have to give commission to the realtor, if the realtor is able to make a deal with the company.

To sell house fast cash Placida, you only need approaching the company and requesting it to buy your home. Provide complete details of your home to the company so that it calculates the best price. The company will take into consideration all the positive attributes of your home so that it makes the best offer. The company will make the best price offer as it wants to buy every home available for sale and your home is a business opportunity for the company.

Together with the best price, you will receive benefits like no-commission and no property closure fee. There will be no commission charged for the service and also you won’t have to hire a lawyer for property closure. The company will take care of everything. It will give you 100% benefit and you will get the benefit within two business days of making the deal. You won’t feel any problem in dealing with a company. 

When you sell house fast cash Placida to a company, you save your money and time. The commission that you give to realtor is your profit but you have to give commission to the realtor as you involved him in the deal. Similarly you have to be ready to pay fee for property closure. You will hire an attorney for closing the property and pay the attorney for his service. 


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